Quasimodo Jam Band, Berlin

Quasimodo in Berlin

Quasimodo Jam Band


Matti Klein – keys

Takashi Peterson – guitar

Andi Bühler – drums

Tobias Fleischer – bass

Adam Dziewialtowski-Gintowt – conga & percussion

Every Wednesday!
Entrance free!
What happens if a band is provided once a week with a full equipped stage, is inviting friends to join them and a crowd of interested people are watching them doing what they mostly like to do: making music, be creative and to feel free for new tunes.

Every Wednesday we have a band playing, who is inviting interesting and interested musicians to join them to jam on our stage. The difference in this compared with the open stage is that there is a very low chance that you have to listen to an improvised tune in f major for 20 minutes.

Andy Bühler (Playmobeat) set up a pool of various artist and there is no limit in creativity.

This evening with:


Come and see & hear for free!

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