Tarab Trio feat. berge & Katya Tasheva @Villa Neukölln, Berlin.


Dear friends of Tarab Trio!

It’s a pleasure to announce great return to ‘Villa Neukölln’ on September 19th !!!
Live show will be supported by the incredible Singer-Songwriter-Duo ‘berge’ and the fantastic singer Katya Tasheva.

Tarab Trio:

Sebastian Konkol – Oud, Gitarre

Serdar Saydan – Darbukka, Riqq, Bendir

Robert Gromotka – Kontrabass, Komposition

::: featuring :::


Marianne Neumann – vocal

Rocco Horn – guitar, piano

Katya Tasheva:

Katya Tasheva – vocal, zimbeln

Sebastian Konkol – Oud, Gitarre

Adam Pawel Dziewialtowski-Gintowt – surdo, ocean drum, kenkeni

We invite you all with all our hearts for an evening full of magic, sounds of corners around the world!

tarab trio 1

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