Blue Bossa – Live Session (2015)

blue bossa deptak bogusława

Blue Bossa photo by Marta Suszyńska (2015)

Blue Bossa

“E Luxo So”, i.e. “So Luxurious” played live in the studio in our Blue Bossa way. On the guitar, invariably, Ireneusz Leciejewski. Adam Paweł Dziewiałtowski-Gintowt responsible for the groove and percussion instruments, Maciej Bosy Marcinkowski on the sax. Many thanks to Jakub Maciejewski, our live session record producer, Łukasz Nyks from Nyx Media – TV & Film, the video producer, and Fanaberia Republika Rozmaitości, which provided us some electricity on Deptak Bogusława in Szczecin, Poland in 2015.

Blue Bossa – É Luxo Só (Cover)
Blue Bossa – O Pato
Blue Bossa – Sambalero

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