photo by Piotr Nykowski ‘Poza Okiem’

Adam Pawel is a Polish-born percussionist with Slavic roots who plays organic rhythms with an exotic blend of non-classical concepts. The adventure with music began in the mid-90s, it was the start of discovering different kinds of drums and sounds of distant cultures in the world. His inspirations are funk, jazz, disco, rock, neo-soul, trip-hop, world music, and from traditional to electronic melodies. The heart of Adam’s activities is sharing and inspiring each other.

The greatest inspiration comes from the people he met in his life. These moments and events took root deep in Adam’s heart, left many memories with strong feelings.

Music is an emotional and spiritual journey in our lives. It’s a kind of transcendence, a divine balm for the soul. This is an incredible pulse of the world!


 Dikanda – Poland, Desney Bailey & The Band – NYC/Berlin, The Church Berlin – International, Nu Guinea – Naples/Berlin, TuneUp Sound Collective – Berlin, Blue Bossa – Poland, Big Fat Mama – Poland, Anna Nova – Berlin, Sapucaiu no Samba – Berlin Samba School, Style Music Band – Berlin, Leah King – NYC/Berlin, Marafoxe Nação Nagô – Berlin, Maracatu Badia – Olinda in Brazil , Maracatu Nação Sol Nascente – Recife in Brazil, Alain Missala Band – Berlin, Funky Potato Club – Berlin, Assurd – Italy, Laura Robles – Lima/Berlin, Della Miles – USA/Germany, Berlin’s Most Finest, Selina Manthatisi – Cape Town/Berlin, Lesja Folk – Ukraine/Poland, Simon Grohé – Germany, Deus Meus – Poland, Jazz’n You – Poland, MA – Poland,  La Forêt Sacrée – Berlin, Chango – Poland, Theater group Uhuru – Poland, Theater Kana – Poland, Tralalka – Berlin, Fractal Tree – Poland, Lesja Incognito – Ukraine/Poland, God’s Bow – Poland/Germany, Cotton Fields – Poland, Tarahumara – Poland, Chorzy na Odrę – Poland, Olej – Poland, Manasrytm – Poland, Czerwone Drzewo – Poland, Motherfunker – Poland, Simon Semperski – Poland, Choir of the University of Agriculture in Szczecin – Poland


36TH Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (2002), Euromusica Folk Festival – Olympia in Greece (2002), Voix d’Europe Expo 2002 in Swizterland (2002), The World Expo 2000 in Germany (2000), Carnival Pernambuco – Recife and Olinda in Brazil (2017), 16ª Noite para os Tambores Silenciosos in Olinda (Brazil, 2017), The Malmö Festival in Sweden (2002), XV Woodstock Festival in Poland (2009), XIX Woodstock Festival (2013), XJAZZ Festival in Berlin (2015), Opole Festival – Poland (2002), Fair Beats Festival (Germany, 2016), Tropical Diaspora vol.43 (Berlin 2015), Serendubity Festival (Germany, 2015), 48 h Neukölln (Berlin 2014), Berlin Music Week (2013), Brechtfestival Germany (2016), IV International Jazz Festival Szczecin ME.BA (2014), Biografie Gdańskie X Dni Mniejszości Narodowych (2013), Street Art Festival – Pflasterspaektakel in Linz (Austria 2002/2006), Buskers Festival – Neuchâtel (2001-2002 CH), La Strada Festival in Gratz  – Austria (2002-2006), Bergmannstrassenfest Berlin Jazzt (2014-2015-2016), III Afrika Festival in Germany (2002), Bardentreffen Festival in Nürnberg (2002), Castle Party in Poland (2004), Tall Ship Races in Poland (2004-2013-2014), Sommerfest des Bundespräsidenten im Schloss Bellevue (Berlin), Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin (1999–2000–2001–2002-2013-2015-2016), VI Festiwal Kultury Brazylijskiej SambaFEST Gdańsk (2014), Akustyczeń Festival (2009-2014-2015 Poland), XIX Festiwal Słowian i Wikingów (2009-2013), Kontrapunkt in Poland (2009), 38 Studencki Festiwal Piosenki – Koncert Galowy, Kraków (2002), Fama Festival (2004), Sopot Blues Festival (2004), Kunstfest am Kulturforum ‘Feuerwerk der Percussion’ – The Millennium Show at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (1999-2000), Buskerbus Szczecin – Zielona Góra – Wrocław (1999), III Inowłódz Festival – Muzyka w Krajobrazie in Poland (1998).


National Geographic Polska, Mercedes-Benz (Poland), Nissan Japan Motors (Poland), wannseeFORUM (Berlin), Agentur Filmgesichter (Berlin), Schloß Trebnitz Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum e.V. (Germany), Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Cisco Live Europe (Berlin), Human Art Agency (Berlin), Szczecin Philharmonic (Poland), Berlin Philharmonic (Germany), Mfe. Event Coach (Berlin), Event Factory S.C. (Poland), agitPolska e.V. (Berlin), Berlin Music Week, Prince Charles (Berlin), Badehaus (Berlin) , Urban Tree Music (Berlin), nji-music GmbH (Berlin), Werkstatt Der Kulturen (Berlin), InterContinental (Berlin), ZDF TV (Berlin), Teleyard Company (Poland), American Elementary School (Gdynia, Poland), SEC (Szczecin, Poland), European University Viadrina (Germany), Klingendes Museum in Berlin (Germany),  Theater Kana in Szczecin (Poland), Piwnica Kany (Poland), Theater group Uhuru (Poland), National Museum in Szczecin (Poland).

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