the tony allen eperienceThe Maracatu All Stars

the church berlin - xjazz Following up on a monumental 1 year anniversary party, The Church Berlin is proud to team up with the XJAZZ Festival on May 6th 2015 at Prince Charles.

At “Session VI” we will go back to the earlier days of The Church Berlin, and open the stage for singers, spoken word / poets, instrumentalists, dancers to join the open mic / jam session!

The heart of our ministry is about sharing and inspiring each other, so COME GET LIFTED AT THE CHURCH BERLIN!

Andy Roda (Host / Vocalist)
Kelvin Sholar (Keys)
Sebastian Vogel (Bass)
Jürgen Meyer (Drums)
Adam Paweł Dziewiałtowski-Gintowt (Perc & Samples)

Dorrey Lin Lyles
Desney Bailey
Kenny Wesley
…more to be announced!


Hosted by: Andy Roda, Christine Pedersen, XJAZZ & Prince Charles

( -:- )

the church berlin - poster

The legendary DJ & Vocalist Robert Owens
Warm Up: Tim Vitá
Hosted by Andy Roda, Christine Pedersen and Prince Charles

Special live performances by:
Onita Boone-Two
Dorrey Lin Lyles
Desney Bailey
Shon Abram
Hllywd Hollywood
Mandel Turner
Jen Dale (

House band:
Kelvin Sholar
Sebastian Vogel
Jürgen Meyer
Adam The Drum (Adam Paweł Dziewiałtowski-Gintowt)

Launch party for EQUAL – “An innovative lifestyle & fashion magazine for both men & women”
by Liliana Capari Salva Davide Mirisola Alessandro Scud
Birthday Bash for host Andy Roda and all fellow Pisces!

The Church Berlin:






desney b. & band in berghain Berlin

Desney Bailey:

“I am excited & proud to be a part of Kelvin Sholars’ project XO (Jazz Meets Electronics) at the A -Trane. Got a fantastic group of musicians with me & will be performing my original house tunes with a touch of jazz.”

The Band..

Desney Bailey/ Voc
Helmut Bruger/ keys
Carly Quiroz /keys
Jan Trojanowski / drums
Noriaki Hosoya /bass
Adam Paweł Dziewiałtowski-Gintowt /Perc.

Sunday Nov.16th

deney bailey - foto


terra brasilis

observing “HOMER (the last Exit)”

Tonight in Szczecin, Poland 13.9.14

by Porson’ s Khashōggi

The exit is near. Homer’ s mind is in a wall.
Search! to find the final gate.

“Homer” Andrea Dorian Rama (dance)
“Dimodokos” Adam Pawel Dziewialtowski-Gintowt (sound percussion)

observing Homer

the church III - neu


flyer_4deutsch_mailversion-1 the church berlin sessions II

tuneup session




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